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Transitional Design Characteristics: What Makes the Look Unique? The word “transitional” literally means “in-between,” so it only makes sense that transitional interior design is a look that meshes several different styles together. Transitional design incorporates old and new, traditional and contemporary, minimalist and “maximalist” approaches. For many, this style of interior design offers home furnishing […]

As most business professionals will attest, it’s much easier to be productive in a neat and orderly workspace. Sounds simple enough, but this can be tricky for those with a small home office. Keeping everything tidy is essential, and a few organizational strategies can help. Take advantage of these seven handy tips for organizing a […]

The question is: Why be content with satisfied? You can make your business trips better than simply satisfying with these tips and tricks.  If you’re a new corporate traveler, then you may have heard stories about the negative parts of business trips. Although traveling for business often gets a bad rap, it’s not as unpleasant […]

While the sleek, empty walls popularized by a minimalist style certainly have their place in modern homes. There’s a reason gallery wall art is a classic trend that’s seeing a resurgence. Gallery-style arrangements of family photos, artistic prints, or even textiles can completely alter the look of a room and can make a dramatic statement—no […]

Do you travel frequently for work? If so, your apartment might benefit from a makeover. From incorporating stylish storage pieces to establishing better closet organization, revamping your apartment decor can help accommodate an ultra-busy lifestyle. 1. Create an Efficient Entrance When you’re constantly on the go, it helps to have an efficient home entrance. While […]